Firstclass consultancy services. For optimal outcomes.

Fichtner Management Consulting (FMC) is the center of competence for international management and commercial consultancy within the Fichtner Group.

Recognized by our clients as a first class advisor in our target sectors, we offer the complete service range from strategic analyses up to implementation support. Together with our highly specialized engineers from the Fichtner Group, we develop integrated solutions that rigorously factor in technical, organizational and financial dimensions.

Our services

As industry experts we draw on our expertise in energy economics, tested methodologies and technical skills to solve complex problems.

Our values

For the maximal benefit of our clients, FMC actions align to its values:

  1. FMC Clients as Top Priority: close support of our clients throughout their projects
  2. Result-driven: creative, tailored solutions that are fit for the future
  3. Integrity: objective analyses and verifiable outcomes with a high degree of acceptance
  4. Teamwork: close collaboration with responsible client staff
  5. Confidentiality: discretion, reliability and mutual trust

Our management

Alongside the majority shareholder Fichtner Management Consulting AG, the company’s board of directors – Dr. Bernd Gagsch (President) and Manuel Landgrebe – are co-executives of FMC. FMC is independent of third parties and pursues sustainable growth.

Board of Directors

Dr. Bernd Gagsch

Manuel Landgrebe

Hans-Jörg Aebli

Our operating locations

In addition to FMC’s core office in Zurich, we are reinforced with the international branch offices of the Fichtner Group. We are therefore able to deploy rapidly anywhere – and we ensure client proximity all over the world.