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Strategy review and target picture 2030

Strategy review and target picture 2030

A Swiss regional supplier put its corporate strategy to the test with the goal of identifying “blind spots”. FMC analyzed the business segment and functional strategies to date, posed key strategic questions/hypotheses and tested them for robustness against current trends and market developments. Finally, a strategic target picture (business and value creation model) was derived and transformation needs and focus topics were identified. To complete the target picture, growth options (customer needs, horizontal and vertical integration) were systematically identified and prioritized in addition to the strategic analyses of the core business. In addition, FMC analyzed the investment portfolio with regard to its market attractiveness and contribution to the 2030 target picture.

Fichtner services

  • Strategic portfolio analysis
  • Target picture (business and value creation model)
  • Growth options (customer needs/new business, vertical and horizontal integration)
  • Strategic thrusts
  • Transformation needs
  • Robustness towards trends


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