Selected project examples

Strategy development in the context of the energy transition


The dynamic climate protection goals of a German state capital have resulted in new challenges for the public utility of a state capital, necessitating a new corporate strategy. FMC supported the public utility in the development of its new corporate strategy. In the process, the climate goals (energy, heat and transport transition and energy efficiency) were broken down and evaluated for the business areas relevant to the public utility. Market developments and scenarios were derived and the market attractiveness was evaluated. Furthermore, the relative competitive advantage of the public utility was assessed for the individual business areas. Based on the strategic portfolio analysis, a vision, a mission statement and strategic goals were derived. The strategy was completed by specific business field analyses and a transformation map with concrete strategic measures.

Fichtner services

  • Environment and scenario analysis
  • Strategic portfolio analysis
  • Vision and mission
  • Target map
  • Dependency analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Transformation map
  • Development of measures
  • Stakeholder management


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