Selected project examples

Review of the performance capability of the Cape Verde electricity and water utility


In the last ten years, the electricity sector in Cape Verde has been experiencing financial deficits that have led to poor service quality and required repeated financial support from the government to Electra, the electricity and water utility. The government had therefore decided to implement a comprehensive restructuring plan for the electricity and water sector in order to provide Electra with the necessary resources to improve its operational performance. In order to formalize the mutual commitment, the government and Electra have concluded a performance contract. Fichtner's remit is to review the existing restructuring plan and performance contract, to develop an evaluation methodology, prepare a 5-year work plan, and conduct five annual audits.

Fichtner services

  • Review of previous plans to restore the economic and operational performance
  • Review of the existing performance contract
  • Elaboration of a method for reviewing the objectives defined in the performance contract
  • Elaboration of the work plan for the next 5 years
  • Conducting of 5 annual audits
  • Presentation of the results to all stakeholders
  • Training of selected Electra personnel


Unidade de Gestao de Projetos Especiais Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Energy Directorate