Selected project examples

Representation of new technologies in the future physical data system for stations


The construction and operation of new technologies such as HVDC converters, RPSA and STATCOM means the client needs to represent these plants in a physical data system, in particular to support maintenance and asset management. The company therefore decided to fundamentally modernize their existing physical data system for stations, which was developed in-house, and to extend it to include new technologies. Fichtner was contracted to strengthen the client’s requirements team focusing on new technologies.

Fichtner is heading a “New Technologies” working group representing all of the relevant technical departments, and is responsible for thematic structuring and the coordination of specialist concepts. User stories will be created based on these concepts and presented to the team of developers during the refinement and sprint planning phases. Fichtner is assuming the role of technical supervisor on behalf of the working group up to and including acceptance.

Fichtner services

  • Requirements management, i.e. technical coordination of requirements for representing new technologies (RPSA, STATCOM, HVDC plants) in the future physical data system
  • Heading the client’s internal working group
  • Creation of user stories
  • Acceptance of implemented requirements
  • Data modeling and preparation
  • Preparation of maintenance checklists