Selected project examples

Performance of a data analysis in the asset management system


BKW needed an analysis of its current database in order to establish the conditions for an IT-based asset management system that will further raise transparency, increase sustainability and enhance the quality of investment and rehabilitation decisions. This work package focused on an analysis of BKW’s current database. This is presently not adequate for AMS purposes because the data are stored in various non-interfaced systems with varying data quality. Furthermore, there was a lack of consistent instructions with regard to data storage and use.

Fichtner conducted an analysis of the actual situation to determine the utilization factor, the data quality per asset group, etc. The analysis findings were used to assess the work involved in improving the utilization factor and the data quality with asset management requirements in mind.

Fichtner services

  • Analysis of data quality and consistency
  • Identification of potential for optimization as well as optimization measures with asset management requirements in mind


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