Selected project examples

Organizational development and process optimization / portfolio and asset management


A status quo assessment was carried out for the Portfolio Management department responsible for both asset management and multi-project management at TransnetBW. The strategy, processes, roles, structures, and employee competencies were analyzed and a maturity level was determined in accordance with Asset Management ISO 55000. Next, a target process model was developed, future roles with tasks, competencies and responsibilities were described, a target organizational structure was derived, a personnel concept (personnel requirements and necessary qualifications) was prepared and a secondary organization relevant for asset management was developed. The target concept was then developed on the basis of an operating model (detailed process description, creation of tools and templates, training of employees, etc.) and the implementation was supported.

Fichtner services

  • Organizational development
  • Role description
  • Process optimization
  • Staffing / competency model
  • Benchmarking
  • Personnel concept
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Implementation support
  • Governance
  • Secondary organization