Selected project examples

Market study on the potential of diesel generators in selected markets


For a joint venture between a Saudi and an Asian industrial company, Fichtner is determining the demand for diesel-fueled power generators in selected African and Asian countries. In a first step, the potentially most attractive markets are identified on the basis of selected criteria. The future development of the power demand in the selected markets will then be determined in detail with a focus on possible applications of diesel generators, e.g., in the industrial sector or in the electrification of remote regions. An evaluation of the competitiveness compared to other manufacturers of diesel generators is also to be carried out in order to assess the sales potential. Finally, strategic recommendations for action will be elaborated and presented to the management of the JV.

Fichtner services

  • Identification of global trends in the field of power generators
  • Preselection of markets with high potential for sales of power generators
  • Determination of future demand for power generators in the selected markets
  • SWOT analysis compared with the competition
  • Elaboration of recommendations for action for the management