Selected project examples

Market study for green hydrogen

Market study for green hydrogen

A leading energy utility in the Middle East region is planning to expand its business model to include the production and export of "green" hydrogen. Europe and selected countries in Asia are considered as potential markets for these exports. Fichtner is supporting the client in analyzing the sales markets and developing the business model. In this context, the future demand for green hydrogen in various sectors in the target markets and the client's own production are assessed, as well as the import requirements derived from this. Furthermore, the applicable regulatory framework is being examined, in particular the requirements for certification (guarantees of origin). In addition to the sales markets, the competitive situation among potential hydrogen exporting countries on the producer side is examined in more detail and the client’s competitive situation is assessed.

Fichtner services

  • Demand analysis for green hydrogen
  • Competitive situation in producing countries
  • Comparison of production costs
  • Net-back calculation
  • Analysis of the regulatory framework and guarantees of origin