Selected project examples

Introduction of an operations management system & IT organization


A system decision for an operations management system (BFS) will be taken by SE Hannover, the Hanover municipal waste water utility, in 2022. The target system will be selected taking account of the existing systems as well as the applicable standards and guidelines on operations management systems.

The new system will serve as the basis for digitalizing maintenance and servicing processes. Manual switching between media will thus be avoided in the underlying IT systems. The operations management system will then be successively expanded as the central system for other tasks (e.g. task planning, resource management, materials management). Fichtner is supervising the preparation of a requirements specification and tendering as well as the introduction of an operations management system.

Fichtner services

  • Requirements analysis for the operations management system and preparation of a requirements specification
  • Supervision of the tendering process for the operations management system
  • Implementation support and process digitalization
  • Introduction of an IT organization


Hanover municipal waste water utility