Selected project examples

Increasing efficiency in complex infrastructure projects


The handling and management of joint infrastructure projects in a German state capital was to be subjected to a review with regard to efficiency potentials. A large part of the complex infrastructure projects were carried out in cooperation between the four municipal companies: State capital, transport authority, urban drainage and distribution network operator.

FMC's remit was to examine and optimize the processes and organization. For this, the existing project management structures and documents as well as the tasks, interfaces, competences and responsibilities were analyzed for completeness, efficiency and effectiveness. On the one hand, a project management manual was created and adopted for the future standardized handling (process organization, understanding of the roles, interfaces, documents, etc.) of infrastructure projects. On the other hand, handling alternatives (strategy, structures and business cases) with optimization potentials/added values were identified and the implementation (roadmap) was planned and operationalized with the involvement of the most important stakeholders (mayor and aldermen as well as top management of the municipal stakeholders). Everything was carried out in close cooperation with the interdisciplinary and cross-company core team and with the continuous involvement of top management and the top municipal stakeholders.

Fichtner services

  • Process and interface analysis
  • Organizational development
  • Role models and understanding of the roles
  • Structural proposals
  • Business case
  • Need for action/optimization potentials
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Stakeholder management