Selected project examples

Increased efficiency in the technical area


For a medium-sized public utility, efficiency in the technical area was to be increased and the organization was to be developed further. FMC analyzed the structures and (core) processes of the technical area (status quo), evaluated and optimized them (target state) and developed a future value creation model (strategic orientation). In the process, an optimized organizational structure with corresponding task assignments was developed, taking into account the future strategic orientation and the current weaknesses. In addition, five selected important and interface-intensive processes (e.g., network connection process, budgeting process, etc.) were defined and optimized in detail. Implementation of the reorganization was set up and supported using an implementation organization, sub-projects and a schedule.

Fichtner services

  • Organizational development
  • Role model/understanding of the roles
  • Value creation strategy
  • Staffing
  • Process analysis and process optimization
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Implementation support