Selected project examples

Identification of necessary IT capabilities and development of an IT target vision


The client, a regional energy provider, was confronted with the increasing complexity and speed of IT-specific requirements and changes. The objective of the project was to assess the current situation in terms of capabilities, governance, interaction with the department, committee structure and IT landscape, and to identify potential for optimization as well as to describe a future IT role profile and define governance (including procedures for IT portfolio management and requirements management). An assessment was conducted to determine relevant roles and the current situation at the start of the project as well as to identify current and future IT capabilities.

Following that assessment, a high-level IT architecture diagram was created in a workshop, enabling the client to quickly gain an overview of the overall system in the event of specific system adaptations.

In another project stream, a process was developed for the coordination of IT-specific requirements and for IT portfolio management including release gates, templates and role model.

Fichtner Leistungen

  • Analysis of the actual situation
  • Identification of deficiencies regarding IT capabilities required in the future
  • Development of high-level IT architecture
  • Development of a role profile for IT requirements management and IT portfolio management
  • Conceptual design of a requirements management process and IT portfolio management process (including templates and release gates)


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