Selected project examples

H2 and PV target picture


In the light of the dynamic developments of the energy transition and the resulting opportunities in the field of hydrogen and PV, the largest association of public utilities and their 100 participating companies wanted to derive a strategic target picture for the future-proof business and value creation model. FMC supported the public utility association and a selected number of regional suppliers/public utilities in developing the H2 and PV target picture. As part of the strategy development, market developments were derived and different scenarios for both PV and H2 were modeled. Taking into account the market and technology developments and the core competencies and capabilities of the regional suppliers/utilities, a variety of business models (PV) and activity areas (H2) were developed and evaluated, resulting in a target picture and a transformation map/roadmap, as well as tangible results such as profitability calculators or guidelines. The specifics of the individual partner companies (urban/regional, small/medium/large, south/north/east/west Germany, etc.) were taken into account when developing the target pictures.

Fichtner services

  • Market and scenario analysis
  • Target picture development
  • Business and value creation model
  • Partner ecosystems
  • Transformation map
  • Development of measures
  • Stakeholder management


Large association of municipal utilities