Selected project examples

Elaboration of a strategy for the future development of the geothermal energy sector in Ethiopia


Ethiopia's geothermal resources are estimated at 5,000 MW, making it the second largest in Africa. Despite successful development of hydro and wind power projects through the state electricity company EEPCO, the geothermal energy potential in the country has not been developed to any significant extent. As part of the Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program (SREP) in Ethiopia, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) on behalf of the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) is creating a long-term strategy for the geothermal energy sector, from which recommendations for the development of geothermal energy in Ethiopia will be derived. In this context, Fichtner is drawing up the long-term strategy for the geothermal energy sector in Ethiopia, taking into account the development needs of the geothermal energy business environment at state level and at various national institutions, with a view to initiating and ensuring the necessary framework conditions for private geothermal energy developers.

Fichtner services

  • Analysis of the current framework conditions for geothermal energy development
  • Presentation of international best practice
  • Financial modeling of the geothermal energy development path and determination of the risks at the various development steps
  • Derivation of a strategy for private sector participation (PSP)
  • Conducting of workshops with all stakeholders