Selected project examples

Development of a system strategy for the gas network up until 2050 and derivation of concrete development measures


Energie 360° AG is a Swiss company that offers energy and mobility solutions nationwide. Against the backdrop of CO2 neutrality, the question arose for Energie 360° as to which sections of the gas network should continue in operation, with this project split into two subprojects. The first involved a system strategy from which various network development possibilities were derived on the basis of sales scenarios and network calculations. In the second, a technical asset management concept was developed for which a condition and priority assessment for demand response management systems and pipelines was carried out and measures defined.

Fichtner services

  • Analysis of technical and commercial data with current scenarios up to 2050
  • Derivation of demand forecasts
  • Network calculations
  • Cost-effectiveness and life cycle analysis
  • Definition of condition and priority criteria
  • Derivation of network development measures / assessment of system stability - IT concept design
  • Implementation supervision
  • System strategy and technical asset management concept for Energy 360°
  • Determination of necessary investments to enable the supply task to be fulfilled while minimizing costs
  • Clustering the gas network in the supply territory and identification of key factors


Energie 360° AG