Selected project examples

Corporate strategy and transformation for gas supply


A Swiss natural gas supply company wanted to review its existing business model due to decarbonization and the energy transition and derive a long-term corporate strategy. FMC identified and evaluated the current market developments and compared them with the company’s current performance and existing business model. On this basis, a target picture (business and value creation model) was derived and the corresponding transformation paths towards becoming a "green heat supplier" were illustrated. Strategic initiatives were then derived for the individual transformation paths and evaluated according to market attractiveness and competitive advantage. The high-priority strategic initiatives were documented in a strategic roadmap. Finally, the target picture was evaluated in terms of robustness to trends. The results were prepared in a top-level decision paper for the shareholders' meeting.

Fichtner services

  • Market and scenario analysis
  • Strategic portfolio analysis
  • Business and value creation model
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Transformation paths
  • Stakeholder management