Selected project examples

Calculation of appropriate electricity tariffs for the regulatory authority in Ghana


Fichtner was commissioned by the Millennium Challenge Corporation to prepare a tariff study for the regulatory authority in Ghana as a basis for determining electricity tariffs and their future development (tariff development plan). The tariff development plan includes various measures that will enable participants in the electricity market in Ghana to fully recover their operating and capital costs via the tariffs in future. In addition, adequate protection of vulnerable groups will be considered in the tariff plan. Following elaboration of the new tariff structure and associated regulations, Fichtner is developing an implementation plan taking into account the various requirements of the process participants to ensure that the program receives the necessary political support.

Fichtner services

  • Determination of the costs for the generation and transport of the electricity
  • Allocation of the costs to the different voltage levels and customer groups
  • Development of a tariff model
  • Determination of the tariffs for the different customer groups
  • Determination of the costs of non-supplied energy
  • Determination of the minimum tariff for socially disadvantaged customer groups
  • Definition of price adjustment requirements
  • Recommendations for future tariff structures and the associated framework
  • Preparation of a catalog of measures for implementation


Millennium Development Authority (MiDA)