Greater efficiency for the water and sanitation sector

Dynamic developments in the water and sanitation sector are underestimated by many market participants, overshadowed,to some extent, by the fundamental changes afoot in the global energy economy . Nevertheless, the water thematic (not to mention the water-enery nexus) is a key core FMC work area. We support numerous water supply and sanitation providers in targeted further development of their enterprises.

  • Strategic orientation

    In close cooperation with our client, we develop robust ideas for future requirements and support you in assessing required capacities, qualifications, technologies and concepts.

  • Organizational development

    Thanks to our in-depth grasp of the water supply and sanitation sector, we have advised numerous water companies to set up new, and enhance existing, organizational structures.

  • Process optimization and efficiency upgrades

    With our in-depth sector know-how, we systematically support our clients in identifying bona fide and realistic efficiency raising potentials, and in implementing these.

  • Asset management

    Together with our clients, we develop water asset management organizations, work out technical concepts for strategic and operative asset management with the client, and implement IT solutions jointly with our sister company FICHTNER IT Consulting.

  • Value engineering

    Our experts from a range of disciplines assist you by shedding light on major projects to identify optimization possibilities regarding costs, time and quality. When doing so, they routinely attain notable successes.

References for typical projects