Driving high-impact public services

In our public sector practice, we help build robust management capacity for all types of public and public/private bodies in the energy, water, extractives, waste and environmental domains. We work internationally with ministers, mayors, and heads of inter-governmental and inter-communal authorities to develop durable solutions that ensure future-readiness and the bringing of performance to the next level. In doing so we address institutional governance systems and the integration of key stakeholder expectations from both within and outside the public administration. Our products reflect balanced, pragmatic and technically grounded roadmaps for enhancing institutional responsiveness, good governance, and higher value for the services provided by your public entity.

  • Policy and strategic realignment

    FMC starts by taking the “wide view” of policy spheres and public organizational mandates, and assesses the demands coming from internal and external stakeholders. We scan the political, environmental, social, and broader market landscape for evolving trends and expectations and help you identify and map out strategic policy and institutional objectives that are compatible with the needs of well-functioning public bodies and sectors. The strategic map is then unpacked into full strategic plans and programmes, with detailed implementation measures and projects that we can also help you execute.

  • Structure and process enhancement

    FMC partners with your management team to formulate proposals aimed at restructuring and repositioning your agency, ministry or association for maximal impact and relevance. In doing this, we assess strengths and challenges, design proposals for human resource management, and devise measures for business process optimization.

  • Statutory and procedural optimization

    In view of needed adjustments to strategic, structural or other public body requirements, we propose new or improved “organic” instruments, including statutes, as well as procedural instruments addressing financial, workforce, health, safety and decision making authorities (control frameworks) within the agency.

  • Public financial sustainability

    We undertake critical review of public agency expenditures and earnings and prepare optimization strategies while estimating the impacts on the budgetary structure of the organization. Our work here can take many forms including the design of strategies for balancing municipal budgets, to suggesting new ways that intergovernmental associations in our target sectors can go about leveraging previously unconsidered funding sources.

References for typical projects